Scott Esmail

Tenant hasn’t paid rent yet, what next ?

Should I post a 3 day notice for non-payment of rent if the tenant made payment arrangements?

In one word “YES” You should always post notice because if for some reason the tenant decides not to pay or something doesn’t fall through for them you didn’t waste valuable time waiting for noting and you can begin action immediately.

3 day notice

Far to often tenants will use arrangements as stall tactics to just by themselves more time until they figure out their next move. I know we all want to see the good in people and maybe you will feel “I never had a problem with them before” or “last time when they said they would pay they did” but believe me there is a first time for everything and things are not always as they seem. Of course no one is going to voice to you that they have no intentions on paying. Not to mention if they do end up (which is hopefully the case) there is no harm done and you do not move forward with anything and hope they pay next month and they got everything on track. Here is an example of situations I’ve come across to often I see the first of the month roll around and a tenant calls with a story about “how they started a new job and their pay schedule changed” or “they are starting a new job on this day and their first check wont be until the 25th and their going to pay for the following month at the same time.” This is all well and good but lets say the 25th rolls around and nothing? No payment has been received and now your calling the tenant and shockingly you can’t get ahold or them. By posting notice your allowing yourself the opportunity to move forward with filing an eviction right away and not wasting those 25 days if it comes down to that. Now you can move forward with all the necessary steps in getting them out as soon as you can. In the long run based off this scenario would have saved you 1 months of rent because you would have gotten them out that much sooner which in exchange will allow you to rent it that much faster. Hopefully going forward you will be able to put in a more qualified tenant the next time around.

Written by Scott Esmail

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