Scott Esmail

Should I let a tenant stay if they made paid payment arrangements

When a tenant doesn’t pay their rent it could be very stressful for the landlord.Of course as a landlord we always want our tenants to pay rent every month on time but this isn’t always the case. Often enough when approaching the first of the month or shortly after you get those phone calls or messages from tenants saying their rent is going to be late this month because their job switched their pay schedule, cut their hours or whatever the reason be. A lot of landlords are left with the “what should I do” feeling, you want to trust your tenants word but at the same time don’t know if you should risk it. Here is often the best approach I find in dealing with such circumstances.



Issue a 3 day notice regardless of the fact if you agreed with the tenants arrangement date or not .You should always do this to protect yourself incase the tenant doesn’t end up paying. The 3 day notice will allow you to immediately file the eviction if this is the route you are going to take if they don’t come through on their word. Often times landlords are not in the area to post these so you need to add the allowable mailing time on top of the 3 days which at the end will save you that much time. I would say always try to work it out the best you can within reason of course. Its going to cost a lot more if you have a vacancy and have to rehab the house at all before another tenant moves in so I would definitely allow them the opportunity to try to make payment. However if the time arising and the rent is not paid I would most definitely go ahead with filing the eviction to get them out as quick as possible if you don’t this could potentially go on to long costing you more money and time.


Written by Scott Esmail

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