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What is a 15 day notice

A 15 day notice is a notice you can give to tenants if they are not in a lease contract and are on a month to month tenancy. The purpose of this notice to be given is if you no longer wish to rent to the current tenants. You would need to check with your State or County to make sure this notice is applicable where you live, but this is what applies in the State of Florida.

Here is some information listed that can be found on the notice instructions “15 Day Notice – If the landlord needs possess of this property and it is not for any of the previous reasons and the rent is paid on a month to month basis, this form would be used giving the tenant a fifteen day written notice to vacate the premises. This notice should be given fifteen days prior to the rent being due. If the tenant does not vacate, the landlord would file his complaint for eviction. If a written lease agreement has been entered into, this section does not apply.”



Along with this you would have to complete and fill out the required information which would include the date of vacancy which would be counted from 15 days after the notice is served ( do not include the day it was issued count from the following day). The date it was issued must be included as well as how the notice was served, whether the be posting on the premises (which is the best way in my option) hand deliver, or certify mail which you need to make sure any previous agreement that you may have had that has expired prohibits this.


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