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Should I qualify a not so good tenant is they have a co-signer?

I often run into this scenario where a prospective tenant does not meet the requirement I have in place but are willing to find a co-signer to strengthen their application. It can be a difficult decision based off the persons previous history weather or not its worth putting a risk on them, in the event I decide I am willing to take the chance here is what I tend to look for and run away from


If the prospective tenant has a recent or multiple eviction I will most likely not rent to them even if they get a co-signer. If they eviction was a one time thing and more than 5 years old and since then they were in good standings I will allow a co-signer. Of course either way with a co-signer or not you have to be sure the person(s) can financially afford it. Generally the co-signer will not be the one paying the rent they are more of an insurance if they don’t pay it for whatever reason they will be on the hook to help.

In regards to what requirements I look for in the co-signer they must have a steady job and make steady income they must have a credit score of 700 or higher and its even better if they own not rent. There stronger the co-signer the better the chance you have of getting your rent money because the co-signer will most likely not want to jeopardize their credit since they have kept if clean this long or they won’t want you to put a lien on any property they own.

Chances are if they are willing to co-sign for someone and meet all the requirements listed above they are confident the prospective tenant is going to come through and pay their rent and not cause them any issues. Another thing to make sure of is to always add the co-signer on the lease as financially responsible and have them sign and be sure to get their contact information incase the tenant does to something wrong you can notify them immediately.

Written by Scott Esmail

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