Scott Esmail

How to prepare your home for a Hurricane

Many of you have been wondering with the events of hurricane Irma tearing its way through parts of the Caribbean and headed towards the US State of Florida “How do I prepare my home for the hurricane to avoid as much damage as I can”? In such a circumstance as this one it may be impossible to avoid having any damage but here are some things you can do to best prepare your home and yourself for this and other devastating events

  • Board up all your windows with wood or any material that may protect the glass from shattering
  • Make sure you put all patio furniture, garbage bins or any other items outside your home that are at risk of blowing once the strong winds hit
  • If you have a garage park your car in there to avoid it getting damaged by items blowing around outside
  • Put all personal/important documents in a sealed waterproof container
  • Get rid of any chemicals that can cause explosions or health hazards if mixed into flood water
  • A generator is always good to have incase of a power outage it can help store power to the most needed items in your home (Be sure to check full instructions on how to use prior)
  • Fill up your bathtub with water (this can be used in the event you don’t have running water to flush toilets and for sanitation)
  • Move furniture away from windows
  • Trim all dead branches and trees (prior not during)

For a complete supply list of items for you should have prepared for you and  your family please click the link below that The Red Cross has provide to ensure safety for all This list includes all important items to have on hand including water, non-perishable foods, and safety items that can protect you and your family

The most important thing to always remember when encountering such a traumatic situation is your home and belonging can alway be replaced but your life cannot be. Always put yours and your families safety as the number one priority and be sure to stay inside during these storms do not attempt to leave any safe area and always listen to your government officials if they recommend you to evacuate prior than that is what you should be doing you lives are not worth the risk.

Stay Safe everyone

Written by Scott Esmail

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